(Internal docs) Publishing

Note: This doc is mainly useful for the Tasit team to publish new versions of Tasit, not for a team using Tasit.

  1. Create a publish issue on GitHub (with the desired new version number in the name).

  2. Create a new branch (e.g. feature/publish-1-2-3) from an updated develop branch.

  3. Run npm run publish script

    This script will clean packages, install dependencies, compile and test all packages. If all these steps run without error, the lerna publish routine will be called and a prompt will be shown:

? Select a new version (currently 0.0.7) (Use arrow keys)
❯ Patch (0.0.8)
Minor (0.1.0)
Major (1.0.0)
Prepatch (0.0.8-alpha.0)
Preminor (0.1.0-alpha.0)
Premajor (1.0.0-alpha.0)
Custom Prerelease
Custom Version
  1. After the selection of the correct option, the packages that are about to have new versions published are listed:
? Select a new version (currently 0.0.7) Patch (0.0.8)
- @tasit/account: 0.0.7 => 0.0.8
- @tasit/action: 0.0.7 => 0.0.8
- @tasit/contracts: 0.0.7 => 0.0.8
- tasit: 0.0.7 => 0.0.8
? Are you sure you want to publish these packages? (ynH)
  1. If that's correct, press y to publish the packages.

  2. During the publishing process, Lerna will update the package.json files with the new version and push changes to the GitHub repository (and to npm, of course).

  3. If that was successful, create a new PR that auto-closes the issue created in step 1.


Sometimes during the lerna bootstrap process, the file package-lock.json can be changed, and that will make lerna publish abort. Publishing will only be done if there are no unstaged files in the git repo. To solve that, commit the file and run the publish script again.

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