Tasit SDK


The Tasit SDK is a JavaScript/TypeScript SDK for making mobile Ethereum dapps using React Native.

Development of the Tasit SDK is supported in part by Gnosis through their GECO grant initiative.

This project is open-source and in need of additional funding to sustain work on it. If you're able to contribute, please consider supporting the project on Gitcoin Grants or sending ETH or DAI to the Tasit project's vault address:

0xd25def1db4f994e2800e438ebb29eae300d56151 (Etherscan)

Disclaimer: The alpha version of this SDK is under active development. We encourage you to try it out today for hackathons, etc., but it's not ready for anything involving real funds on mainnet. If you'd prefer to wait for a more battle-tested release, please watch this repo with the Releases only setting and/or sign up to be notified about our releases on the tasit.io website.


We love getting feedback, so please feel free to reach out.

Check out the link below for a quick guide on how to get started making a native mobile Ethereum dapp using the Tasit SDK!