Get started

You can use Tasit to create user-friendly mobile iOS and Android apps for a dapp using React Native.

Looking for the entry point for the tasit package? That's here. Tasit is a collection of smaller packages exported as one using lerna.


Getting started is as simple as running

npm install --save tasit


Are you looking to add Ethereum-related functionality to a pre-existing app using Tasit?

Using Tasit from within your app is simple. In App.js or the appropriate React Native component, import whichever APIs you need from Tasit.

import { hooks } from "tasit";
const { useAccount } = hooks;
import * as Random from "expo-random";
export default function App() {
const [randomBytes, setRandomBytes] = useState(new Uint8Array());
useEffect(() => {
let isMounted = true;
async function makeRandomBytes() {
const randomBytesThatWereGenerated = await Random.getRandomBytesAsync(16);
if (isMounted) {
console.log("randomBytes generated");
return () => {
isMounted = false;
}, []); // Just run this once
const randomBytesGenerated = randomBytes.length !== 0;
const address = useAccount({
console.log({ address });
// ...render, etc.

Or maybe you want to interact with a contract:

import { Contracts } from "tasit";
const { NFT } = Contracts;
// const contractAddress = '0x0E86...333'
const contract = new NFT(contractAddress);
const action = contract.safeTransferfrom(/*...*/);
action.on("error", errorListener);
action.on("enoughConfirmations", successListener);
action.sendForFree(); // meta-tx broadcast
// Do optimistic UI updates immediately, while making sure
// to update the UI again when there are enough
// confirmations for your use case
// ...


Tasit is designed with modularity in mind. Are you only planning on using Tasit for generating an ephemeral Ethereum acccount in your app? That works too!

You can install @tasit/account directly (without the hooks API and the rest of the tasit functionality) and keep your app's dependencies leaner.

npm install --save @tasit/account

Then the usage example from before becomes:

import Account from "@tasit/account";
export default function App() {
// ...
useEffect(() => {
async function makeAccount() {
const randomBytes = await Random.getRandomBytesAsync(16);
const account = Account.createUsingRandomness(randomBytes);
console.log({ account })
const { address } = account;
console.log({ address }); // 0x...
}, []); // Just run this once
// ...render, etc.

...with the rest of the code remaining the same.